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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! Here, you will find a compilation my interests and hobbies with some snippets of my life and possibly even the occasional rant thrown in. If you wanna say hi, don't hesitate to hit that little ask button, it's there for a reason and I always love talking to new people and making new friends!


how to walk a mile: a 5280 step program

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25. August 2014


My Top Groups/Soloist Are:
Ukiss, Vixx, BTS, BAP, Tiny-g, Speed, C-Clown, Nuest, Jaejoong, JYJ, Big Bang, San E, Ailee, Topp Dogg, Block B, Alphabat, Bigstar, 24K, 2NE1, Taeyang, Big Bang

Any Suggestions?
(Why do I do this to myself?~)

Also If You Post Any Of These Groups, Could you Reblog?

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when boys have sleepovers do they sleep in the same bed like girls do or do the rules of no homo include sharing beds

girls always share beds. and covers and clothes and food and personal space. sometimes even bathrooms

Girls share everything.

#girls dont believe in no homo #all da homo #dont give a fuck.

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When I meet someone new and they say they like Kpop


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why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

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