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Hi there, and welcome to my blog! Here, you will find a compilation my interests and hobbies with some snippets of my life and possibly even the occasional rant thrown in. If you wanna say hi, don't hesitate to hit that little ask button, it's there for a reason and I always love talking to new people and making new friends!


it must get annoying living in the south with all those banjos constantly playing 

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no cough syrup

you are not ‘grape flavoured’

have you ever tasted a grape

you taste like death and the tears of small children

not fucking grape

wow what a surprise another cis-gendered white upper-middle class american male telling someone what they can and cannot identify as. why don’t you go fuck yourself

#i can no longer tell what is and isn’t a joke on tumblr any more


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earlier this year 2 boys got expelled from my school for going on a teachers email and sending another teacher an email that says “you’re a disgusting little man” and i laugh about it all the time because imagine opening an email from your coworker and thinking it’s important and then it says that

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sunglasses emoji only wears his shades to hide the tears

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no jimin



A video game in which every time you die your injured limbs and body parts are replaced by machines and you slowly become less and less human until the point in which you have no human body parts left and you must decide whether you will continue to fight for humanity of which you have no connection left with

Someone do fan art of this

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